The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

2008166 min, ,

Life isn't measured in minutes, but in moments.

Cast & Crew

Cate Blanchett

Daisy Fuller

Brad Pitt

Benjamin Button

Julia Ormond

Caroline Fuller

Jason Flemyng

Thomas Button

Mahershala Ali

Tizzy Weathers

Jared Harris

Captain Mike

Elias Koteas

Monsieur Gateau

Phyllis Somerville

Grandma Fuller

Tilda Swinton

Elizabeth Abbott

Faune Chambers

Dorothy Baker

Donna DuPlantier

Blanche Devereux

Jacob Tolano

Martin Gateau

Earl Maddox

Man at Train Station

Ed Metzger

Teddy Roosevelt


Eric Roth



Alexandre Desplat

Original Music Composer

Ren Klyce

Sound Re-Recording Mixer

Doc Kane

ADR Mixer


Victor J. Zolfo

Set Decoration

Visual Effects

Colin Strause

Visual Effects Designer

Greg Strause

Visual Effects Designer


Costume & Make-Up

Donna O'Neal

Set Costumer

Fun Facts of Movie

Born under unusual circumstances, Benjamin Button springs into being as an elderly man in a New Orleans nursing home and ages in reverse. Twelve years after his birth, he meets Daisy, a child who flits in and out of his life as she grows up to be a dancer. Though he has all sorts of unusual adventures over the course of his life, it is his relationship with Daisy, and the hope that they will come together at the right time, that drives Benjamin forward.

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