Full House: Rags to Riches - 15 - The Artful Dodger

This is the last script that i know of — it starts off with a young man named Charlie escaping a police escort to a half way house. He staels a motorcycle and heads for L.A. In the meantime Mickey is upset that she dosnt know when her actual birthday is so the girls and Nick help her to chooose one. When Charlie gets to L.A. he pretends to be star searching and he runs into Mickey at the gate – she talks to him a bit and starts to trust him. Nick is upset that she would talk to strangers. later on Charlie goes to the girls school and finds Mickey — he asks her if she came from The Margaret keating Home for girls? after she says yes he reveals to her that he is her brother. The girls are estatic, but Nick isnt so sure — he hires a private eye to do some investigating on the kid. He stays at the Foley mansion,and Nick feels that he was right all along when Charlie steals a very valuable camera. But in the end Charlie turns out to be Mickeys Brother! Nick throws him out — thinkin