Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer - 3 - Stage 03

Added: 29.09.2006

Phantom Pain attacks the DSSD station to steal the AI data of the Stargazer. The brutal assault leaves many DSSD members and the Verde Buster pilot, Shams Couza, dead. To counter the attack, Selene and Sol launch in the Stargazer and use its unique features to destroy several enemy mobile suits. Lost in space, Selene captures the Strike Noir and uses the Stargazers propulsion system to catapult themselves near Venus. Sven and Selene meet face to face and start their long journey home. Selene administers a drug on both of them to increase the oxygen absorption inside their blood and they slowly enter coma state. They must be found within 27 days or they will die from lack of oxygen, but Sol finds the Stargazer 27 days and 21 hours later.