Succession War - 7 - Episode 7

Added: 03.07.2018

When JIAQING questions the court officials who received bribes from HESHEN, the record book is switched with another one, above which it’s reported by an official that LIU YONG’s adopted son LIU HUANZHI allegedly misappropriated the seized funds and properties. Suddenly, the case takes a new turn, which JIAQING underestimated. HESHEN makes an audience with NOBLE CONSORT DOWAGER YING in private, thanking her for offering a helping hand. He then arranges for the White Lotus Sect members to flee the capital, but runs into PRINCE YONGLIN, who is leading troops for investigation. HESHEN receives a token from HELIN, who is heading to Shandong to conquer the White Lotus Sect. The token indicates that HELIN is safe, making HESHEN feel relieved. DOUKOU leads her men to eunuch CHANGCHUN’s home, only to find out his family members were massacred, except his younger sister, who hid herself in time.