Succession War - 3 - Episode 3

Added: 27.06.2018

With PRINCE YONGXUAN purchasing a large amount of firearms and hiding them in his residence in the capital, JIAQING has HESHEN’s son FENGSHEN-YINDE lead the troops on a raid to his residence. The situation is becoming more volatile, fortunately, HESHEN shows up in the nick of time and calms things down. Out of the blue, HESHEN’s crony FUCHANG’AN, whom QIANLONG has regarded highly, is sent by QIANLONG to station in Gansu. He can’t help feeling resentful, so HESHEN tries to comfort him. HESHEN gets help from DOUKOU, the owner of Mi House, successfully bringing a blind fortune teller back to the palace. It turns out that QIANLONG met the blind fortune teller during his inspection tour, and he wants the blind fortune teller to divine the future for him again. At night, HESHEN is summoned back the palace. To his surprise, QIANLONG prepares a coffin for him.