Succession War - 11 - Episode 11

Added: 09.07.2018

PRINCE YONGXUAN takes CHANGDONG back to the palace and wants him to reveal the name of the culprit who poisoned QIANLONG, without knowing that CHANGDONG instead claims that the culprit is PRINCE YONGXUAN himself! After ROYAL NOBLE CONSORT is reinstated to lead the imperial harem, CONSORT XIAN, who is aware that it’s a serious crime to offend ROYAL NOBLE CONSORT, slaps her own face in public. JIAQING commands HESHEN to go to the palace at night to guard the late QIANLONG, so HESHEN asks CHANG MEI to hand a letter for him to DOUKOU. Meanwhile, FUCHANG’AN, who was captured by the White Lotus Sect, gets help from an insider, managing to escape together with his deputies. Unexpectedly, they are later caught again by HELIN’s subordinates. Being taken back to the barracks, FUCHANG’AN starts verbally provoking HELIN, who can’t help but unsheathe his sword to fight against him!